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Far Cry 5 PC Steam Version Now Back on Sale in India, China, and Other Asian Countries Except Vietnam

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Earlier in the day Gadgets 360 reported that Ubisoft's hotly anticipated open-world shooter Far Cry 5 was pulled from sale on Steam. The buy button on the Far Cry 5 Steam page was missing for the better part of Far Cry 5's March 27 release date. This impacted PC gamers residing in India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Far Cry 5 could still be bought from Ubisoft's own Uplay digital storefront. Now, Far Cry 5 is back on sale in the aforementioned countries. Though checking SteamDB suggests that Vietnam doesn't have the game on sale just yet. Far Cry 5 Steam PC price is Rs. 3,499.
Reasons for Far Cry 5's sudden removal from Steam after being available for pre-order in most of the above countries is yet to be known. That being said, Ubisoft has commented on its own forums stating it was aware of the issue and was looking to rectify it at the earliest.
We are aware of an issue in countries in Asia and Oceania affecting customers' ability to purchase the game on Steam in the hours since launch. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Apologies to all who have been affected by this issue and thank you for your patience," a post from the company read. It's now been updated to state that the "issue is now resolved".
Since open-world hacking game Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft had stopped selling PC games on disc in a host of countries including India. This was, as we’ve been given to understand, a part of Ubisoft’s international strategy and not restricted to India as EA’s move to eradicate discs for the nation a couple of years ago.
For what it’s worth we found Far Cry 5 to be a welcome twist on the franchise’s existing open-world formula. Hopefully its removal from Steam is temporary given how solid its performance is on PC.
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